Janet ShawgoAbout Janet Shawgo

I think about what I have experienced over the last sixteen years as a travel nurse and my twenty seven years total as a health care worker. I have had a wonderful adventure meeting and working with other nurses, midwives and physicians across the United States. As a child I always wanted to be a nurse. I found myself as I got older writing journals, poetry and thought about writing a book one day. When I finally decided to write I felt it should be something I was familiar with and so Look for Me was started.

The art of healing has been with us since time began. Florence Nightingale, Dorthea Dix, and Clara Barton were some of the exemplary women; nurses that constantly fought throughout history to obtain respect while healing.

Nurses travel all over the world to help, heal and teach. They work in multi branches of the military, go to disasters putting others before themselves. Nurses volunteer, give much to their communities and ask nothing in return.

The best compliment any nurse can get is a smile or a simple thank you.

My hope is that you will enjoy the story about women that traveled, across the south and north to heal, giving freely of their time, self and heart. Discover the bond that pulled these women together and made them strong enough to endure the horrors of war.


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